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Librenms can interpret, display and group certain additional information on ports. For this a small bash script is supplied in scripts/ called ifAlias.


This requires a little bit of setup on the monitored Server (Not the server running librenms!):

  • Add ifAlias from /opt/librenms/scripts/ or download it from here to the Server and make it executable chmod +x /path/to/ifAlias
  • Add to snmpd.conf something like: pass . /path/to/ifAlias
  • Restart your net-snmpd

There are no changes to be made or additions to install for the polling librenms.

Now you can set up your keywords in your /etc/network/interfaces //Add more distributions than just Debian based


See examples for formats.

  • Type-keywords:
  • Cust - Customer
  • Transit - Transit link
  • Peering - Peering link
  • Core - Infrastructure link (non-customer)
  • Server - Server link (non-customer)
  • Info-keywords:
  • () contains a note
  • {} contains your circuit id
  • [] contains the service type or speed


# eth3: Cust: Example Customer [10Mbit] (T1 Telco Y CCID129031) {EXAMP0001}`
# eth0: Transit: Example Provider (AS65000)`
# eth1: Core: core.router01 FastEthernet0/0 (Telco X CCID023141)`
# eth2: Peering: Peering Exchange

Source code: