Network Map

LibreNMS has the ability to show you a network map based on:

  • xDP Discovery
  • MAC addresses

By default, both are are included but you can enable / disable either one using the following config option:

$config['network_map_items'] = array('mac','xdp');

Either remove mac or xdp depending on which you want.

A global map will be drawn from the information in the database, it is worth noting that this could lead to a large network map. Network maps for individual devices are available showing the relationship with other devices.

One can also specify the parameters to be used for drawing and updating the network map. Please see for details on the configuration parameters.

$config['network_map_vis_options'] = '{
  "edges": {
    "smooth": {
        enabled: false
    font: {
        size: 12,
        color: "red",
        face: "sans",
        background: "white",
        align: "middle",
        strokeWidth: 2
  "physics": {
    "forceAtlas2Based": {
      "gravitationalConstant": -800,
      "centralGravity": 0.03,
      "springLength": 50,
      "springConstant": 0,
      "damping": 1,
      "avoidOverlap": 1
    "maxVelocity": 50,
    "minVelocity": 0.01,
    "solver": "forceAtlas2Based",
    "timestep": 0.30