LibreNMS is a fork of the last GPL-licensed revision of Observium. Copyright 2006-2012 Adam Armstrong GPLv3

LibreNMS ships with the following software components:

  • Bootstrap Datetime picker Copyright (c) 2014 Eonasdan, nikoskalogridis MIT License

  • Moment MIT License

  • MKTree MIT and GPL License

  • Jquery Bootgrid MIT License

  • Font Awesome Varying licenses but GPL friendly

  • Code for UBNT Devices Mark Gibbons Initial code base submitted via PR721

  • Jquery LazyLoad Mika Tuupola (@tuupola on GitHub) MIT License

  • influxdb-php MIT License

Other components (needs details filled in): - JpGraph (html/includes/jpgraph): QPL 1.0 license

  • MIBS (mibs): unknown/various

  • html/graph-realtime.php: BSD (original?)

  • html/includes/collectd/: GPLv2 only

  • overLIB (html/js/overlib_mini.js): modified Artistic 1.0?

  • scripts/*/mysql: GPLv2 only

  • check_mk (scripts/observium_agent*): GPLv2

  • qTip (html/css/jquery.qtip.min.css and html/js/qtip/jquery.qtip.min.js): GPLv2