NOTE: We highly advice that you change all passwords on this image when you deploy it!!

NOTE: Read the above note again!

We have available for download a pre-built image based on CentOS 7. Details of the image are below:

The image is built with VirtualBox, a vmdk is provided along with an ova which was exported using OFV 1.0 version. These should be supported in VMWare Fusion, Workstation, Player and VirtualBox.

Any issues with these images should be reported via Github or our IRC channel ##librenms on the Freenode network.


  • UK Keyboard
  • Etc/UTC Timezone
  • 4 Poller Wrapper threads


  • PHP 7
  • MariaDB
  • Syslog-ng


  • Oxidized install but not configured
  • Weathermap plugin enabled
  • Billing enabled
  • RRDCached enabled
  • Service checks enabled
  • Syslog enabled


OVA Image - 1.1G

  • md5sum: 53f0c06c26255e859144e471ae85eedc

  • sha256sum: 9d902e8452ec8f88ab96180b46113ab5c8ef9213b16cebbbf3f88df37670ebd4

VMDK Image - 2.8G

  • md5sum: 8c54cb929ba9e16bc9a985a292b8f9d9

  • sha256sum: 944d1164f0664334fdb50e425049819a18da5568c56b6b49681a9ebe13ae9489


Please note the second character of the SSH password is a CAPITAL EYE

  • SSH
    • username: librenms
    • password: CIne3fwdfds

Please note the second character of the SSH password is a CAPITAL EYE

  • MySQL/MariaDB

    • username: root
    • password: NIfceu3fqfd

    • username: librenms

    • password: D42nf23rewD
  • WebUI

    • username: librenms
    • password: D32fwefwef